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Incense sticks Auroshikha

Incense sticks Auroshikha

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Auroshikha incense sticks - set with 5 different scents

-high quality original product

- hand rolled from India

- free of chemicals

- Smoking time approx. 45 min.

Incense sticks fill the environment with positive energy. Perfect for meditation, yoga, relaxation, aromatherapy, energy cleansing, rituals, prayers. Help to rid living spaces of negative energy. Experience the positive atmosphere that the scents create.

Sets are put together individually by us.

Content per pack: 10 g

Auroshikha incense sticks are available in over 26 countries around the world because of their excellent quality. Auroshikha incense sticks contain no chemical adhesives and are 100% pure nature. The incense sticks therefore also comply with the strict regulations of the IFRA. All incense sticks are traditionally hand-rolled.

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