Haarseifen & Festes Shampoo

Hair Soaps & Bar Shampoo

Hair soaps and solid shampoo are a great alternative to conventional liquid shampoos!

Liquid shampoos contain synthetic surfactants, almost always silicone, film formers, microplastics, thickeners, consistency enhancers, gelling agents and emulsifiers.

The alternatives:

Solid shampoo: has the same basic structure as shampoo in a bottle, except that it does not contain an aqueous phase. They are usually pH neutral like liquid shampoos.

Just like normal shampoo, solid shampoos contain surfactants that clean the hair. However, they save a lot of resources because they are free of microplastics and unpackaged. Solid shampoo replaces approx. 2-3 bottles of liquid shampoo. Another advantage: there are no problems when traveling on the plane and nothing leaks in the sports bag either.

hair soaps:

Unlike the pH-neutral shampoos, natural herbal hair soap cleans gently in the alkaline range. Due to the basic pH value of the natural hair soaps, the outer cuticle layer of the hair shaft stands up during cleaning. As a result, the soap can bring its care components and secondary plant substances deep into the hair shaft without sticking it together or stressing it. For this reason, the hair feels a bit bulky and slightly shaggy at the beginning, an acidic rinse is useful here. This helps to balance the pH value, close the cuticle again and prevents the formation of lime soap. Hair soaps consist exclusively of natural ingredients, are packaged without plastic and are very economical.

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