Industriell gefertigte Seifen Vs gesunde handgemachte Naturseifen

Industrial Soaps Vs Healthy Handmade Natural Soaps

Industrial Soaps Vs Healthy Handmade Natural Soaps


There are many reasons to choose handmade natural soaps, I have put together a few important ones for you here:

Industrial Soaps

Healthy handmade natural soaps

Made from inferior fats that are either obtained from slaughterhouse waste or as a by-product of various chemical processes

Made from high-quality vegetable oils and fats

Synthetic colors and preservatives are added

natural colors, eg clays, spices, plant colors are added

Mixed with synthetic fragrances and with substances that make them undrinkable (denaturation). Some of these denaturants are highly controversial.

optionally natural fragrance oils

The glycerine – a natural, skin-care substance – is extracted from the bar of soap and used elsewhere.

The glycerine – a natural, skin-care substance – remains in the bar of soap

with water-based soaps (liquid soaps), alcohols, especially the inexpensive, denatured alcohols, must be used (water-based soaps offer microorganisms such as bacteria ideal conditions for reproduction)

pH value of 8-10, due to this high pH value no bacteria can form on the soap.

Packed in plastic bottles

often contain microplastics

often have a drying effect on the skin

difficult to degrade


without microplastics

Moisturizing, moisturizing, care for the skin in the long term, can be tailored to the needs of the skin

100% biodegradable

You can find many handmade natural soaps for every skin type in our shop

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