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Everywhere you look you will find plastic packaging!
But not with our natural sponges. Each of our bath sponges is packaged in biodegradable packaging. This packaging is completely compostable and leaves no plastic waste that will litter our planet for centuries to come.

Our natural sponges come from a traditional family business on the Mediterranean island of Kalymnos in Greece.
This family has been fishing for sponges in the Mediterranean for several generations in a proven traditional and sustainable way.

The sea sponge is not simply torn from the sea floor, as is often the case, but cut in such a way that the base of the sponge remains intact. This starts the natural reproduction of the natural sponge and it grows back to its full size within a few years.
The bath sponges from Marie Natur are not bleached in acid (like other available natural sponges) but are rinsed several times with water after harvesting, washed and then very gently cleaned in soda so that they retain their wonderful golden colour.
This means that a sponge from Marie Natur is of the best quality and not only impresses as a product and in use, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Due to its unique structure, a bath sponge can absorb a lot of water and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. Despite their softness, sponges are very tear-resistant and durable.

A natural sponge is hypoallergenic and also ideal for sensitive skin. Therefore, these bath sponges are not only suitable for wellness and a nourishing bath, but also excellent for baby care and for allergy sufferers.
Of course, all of our sponges are packaged plastic-free, in line with our philosophy. A natural luxury for your body.

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