Müll reduzieren mit Bienenwachstüchern

Reduce waste with beeswax wraps

The beeGoodies beeswax wraps make it very easy for you to ban plastic from the kitchen and household, reduce waste - and keep your food fresh for a long time in an environmentally friendly way. Because every beeGoodies beeswax wrap is made of OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 certified cotton and is coated by hand with a high-quality combination of pure beeswax, the best spruce tree resin and jojoba oil: This is how your beeGoodies beeswax wrap protects food and keeps it fresh. The natural antibacterial effect of the beeswax also helps keep food fresh. And because you can simply wash the beeGoodies beeswax wraps and use them again and again for about a year, they are doubly sustainable - a really good alternative to harmful plastic for you and our environment.

All beeGoodies are handmade - each individual beeswax cloth is coated and packed by hand. In addition to the high-quality materials, this guarantees long-lasting quality.

So that you can really enjoy your beeGoodies beeswax wraps for a long time, please note the following when using and caring for them:

  • Hot items cannot be covered or wrapped - please let them cool down!

  • They should also not be used for highly watery foods

  • Please do not wrap raw fish or meat either

  • However, cooked fish or cooked meat can be kept fresh with it

  • Please do not wash in the washing machine or dishwasher

  • Only use lukewarm water when rinsing, because the beeswax melts from 62 °C, but washing-up liquid can be used

  • The beeGoodies are also not suitable for the microwave with its extreme temperatures

  • After cleaning, let the beeGoodies dry well before you put them away

  • You should not cut anything on the beeGoodies, as this can damage the cotton cloth and wax coating

  • Citric acid also damages the coating of beeGoodies beeswax wraps

How long do beeGoodies beeswax wraps last?
If you take good care of your beeGoodies, you can use them for at least a year. But of course it depends on the frequency of use: like a favorite T-shirt, which wears out a little with every wash. If the coating is off, the freshness-keeping function is gone too.

Can the wax coating of the towels be refreshed?
If abrasion occurs in small individual areas due to intensive use and washing, we recommend that you heat the beeGoodies beeswax cloth on baking paper for approx. 2 minutes at 90 degrees in a preheated oven - until the surface is shiny. Then lift it up with pointed fingers and let it cool down again, this can be done in a few seconds. The wax mixture is then evenly distributed again.

Does the coating transfer into the food?
Our beeGoodies have been tested in the laboratory and are certified for food contact. So you can cover and wrap any food with it without hesitation.

Do odors get caught in the cloth?
Not really, because the cloths are washable. In addition, the beeswax also neutralizes odors with its antibacterial properties. However, extreme odors, such as from onions, can remain.

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