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Soap flakes for cleaners & detergents

Soap flakes for cleaners & detergents

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Grated soap flakes for the production of liquid detergents & household cleaners

Content: 250 g, including recipe

- a universal household cleaner on a purely ecological basis, which has been used for laundry and household for generations.

Use as a household cleaner, eg for washing dishes, cleaning windows, doors and all types of surfaces, floor cleaners, marble cleaners.

Liquid detergent recipe:

  • 25 g grated olive soap
  • 2 liters of water
  • 4 tablespoons washing soda

You only need about 200-250 ml per wash

The detergent is not suitable for wool and silk!

The vegan and hand-boiled green olive soap is made in the "Patounis" soap factory without any addition of colourings, preservatives or fragrances, exclusively from the natural products olive pomace oil (the oil is obtained from the stones, skins and pulp residues), soda, water and salt.
It also cares for more sensitive surfaces such as B. Marble floors and joints. In addition, the green olive soap is also very suitable for felting wool due to its mildness and low foaming.

Due to their antiseptic properties, the flakes are also ideal for foot baths.
In the garden, the flakes can be used as a solution mixed with alcohol as a natural aphid repellent.

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