Hildegard Bertram ground in the shaker

Hildegard Bertram ground in the shaker

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Bertram root powder in the shaker

Content 50 g

BERTRAM, Anacyclus pyrethrum, Asteraceae, daisy family, native to North Africa

Original text Hildegard: It is good for a healthy person to eat bertram because it increases the good blood and purifies the intellect in man. He restores strength to a sick person. It leaves nothing undigested in the human being, but prepares good digestion if one eats it diligently, because it digests every food with its caloric content.

Bertram is particularly suitable for seasoning chicken, veal, beef, lamb, fish and game. When shopping for bertram, pay attention to the characteristic, slightly contracting effect that occurs when chewing some powdered bertram root on the oral mucosa.

Hildegard writes in her Physica: "Bertram increases the blood, creates a clear mind, restores strength and leaves nothing out of the human being undigested."

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