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Hildegard organic psyllium

Hildegard organic psyllium

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Flea seeds are not only the best intestinal regulator for constipation, they also cleanse the intestines of putrefactive substances and intestinal gases, such as carcinogenic end products of a meat-rich diet. In addition, they lower elevated cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promote the growth of gut-friendly bacteria, promote vitamin synthesis and prevent the formation of gallstones.
Hildegard certifies that psyllium has a happy effect: thanks to its pleasant ingredients, psyllium makes the depressed spirit of people happy, promotes brain performance (better blood circulation) and strengthens the health of the nervous system? As a highly swellable drug, psyllium is one of the typical dietary fibers that, when mixed with water, swell up after just a few minutes. In the intestine, the swelling and mucilage substances absorb water and cause the stool to become bulky and soft. This mechanical stretching stimulates the intestinal contracture. In test persons, the passage time of the stool could be shortened by 1 day by administering 30 g of psyllium (approx. 3 tablespoons). Linseed is not recommended internally for Hildegard. In contrast to those of psyllium, its mucus dissolves and prevents the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall. Flaxseed is a robber of vitamins and calcium. From Hertzka G.Strehlow W. Handbook of Hildegard Medicine.

Content: 500 g

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