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Hildegard herbs

Hildegard herbs

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They have to be fresh and aromatic, the spices that refine our dishes.

Fine herbs give your dishes a very special expression. The characteristics of this tasty mixture lie in the effect of cold and warm herbs according to Hildegard von Bingen. Combined in this form, they promote the balance of fluids in humans.

The ingredients are purely plant-based, without yeast and flavor enhancers, just like when spices were worth their weight in gold. Refined with natural rock salt in a practical shaker.

Use Fine Herbs as a hearty kitchen spice for meat and vegetarian dishes, to refine pasta dishes and spreads.

Content: 90 g in the shaker


natural rock salt, celery*, carrots*, fennel*, lovage*, nutmeg*, onion*, hyssop*, parsley*, galangal*, bertram*
*from organic farming
Percentage of herbs: 48%

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