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Hildegard herbal toothpaste

Hildegard herbal toothpaste

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HILD-I-SAN herbal toothpaste

Content: 75 ml

The herbal extracts for the HILD-I-SAN herbal toothpaste were taken from the writings of St. Hildegard von Bingen by Dr. medical Schulte-Uebbing selected. These extracts give the toothpaste its typically unmistakable taste.

The herbal toothpaste cleans the teeth thoroughly but gently. The contained extracts of verbena, wormwood, chickweed and the ash of vine branches care for and strengthen the gums. Regular brushing of teeth keeps teeth and gums healthy and counteracts gum problems.

-Menthol-free and compatible with homeopathy


In addition to the high-quality herbal toothpaste with Rebasche, comprehensive dental care according to Hildegard von Bingen also includes Rebasche oral care

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