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Hildegard Salad Seasoning

Hildegard Salad Seasoning

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Hildegard Organic Salad Seasoning

Content: 100 g in a shaker

This mixture contains genuine Hildegard herbs and natural rock salt.
Hildegard recommends chopping up the lettuce and pickling it with a vinegar and oil marinade.
The fine salad herbs refine the marinade and make the salad even more digestible.

This mixture of Hildegarde herbs and real rock salt is GMO-free, without flavor enhancers and free of other additives that would adulterate a natural product.
The essential oils and herbal active ingredients contained in it serve to improve human well-being. Their harmonizing effect gives every salad that certain something.


natural rock salt, parsley, basil, starch, garlic*, fennel*, pepper, galangal*, nutmeg*, tarragon
* from organic farming

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