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Hildegard soup organic

Hildegard soup organic

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Content: 280 g

Hildegard soup organic

Produced according to Hildegard's nutritional guidelines and seasoned with fine spices.
During production, leeks, cabbage, sugar and artificial flavor enhancers are deliberately avoided. In addition, this delicious basic seasoning is free of chemical coloring and preservatives, and free of yeast.

The Hildegard soup is ideal as a basis for soups, sauces, as well as for meat and vegetable dishes and as a seasoning.
Clear soup, purely plant-based (suitable for vegans)


Rock salt without iodization, corn starch*, natural aroma**, onion*, carrots*, parsnips*, sunflower oil*, fennel*, hyssop*, parsley*, turmeric*, nutmeg*, tarragon*, lovage*
*from organic farming
** Only natural flavors are used to flavor organic food, which are obtained from natural raw materials such as aromatic herbs, aromatic plants and vegetables and have not been chemically modified. The natural aroma used in this organic product also contains no leek/leek components and is guaranteed free of genetically modified organisms. (GMO-free according to EU organic regulation 2092/91).

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