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Honeycomb natural sponge small

Honeycomb natural sponge small

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🌿 Sustainable skin care completely natural & gentle

🌿 Also suitable for sensitive skin of babies & allergy sufferers

🌿 Plastic-free packed in recycled cardboard

🌿 Unbleached natural sponge free of chemicals & pollutants

Size: about 11-12cm

Honeycomb natural sponges have very large pores. Due to their soft structure, they can absorb a lot of water and therefore feel wonderfully soft on the skin. Honeycomb sponges are perfect for that Face and body care suitable, because the natural sponges particularly care for and cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly . The naturally grown sponge structure ensures a gentle peeling effect that removes old scales from the skin's surface without irritating it. At the same time, blood circulation is promoted. The skin therefore appears clearer, purer and more radiant.

🌎 ORIGIN: The honeycomb sponges from Marie Natur come from a traditional family business on the Mediterranean island of Kalymnos in Greece. This family has been fishing for sponges in the Mediterranean for many generations in a time-tested, traditional and sustainable way. The careful manual harvesting ensures that the sponge can grow back. This also ensures sustainability for future generations.

📦 PACKAGING: Our honeycomb sponges are delivered in packaging made from recycled cardboard.

♻️ DISPOSAL: Marie Natur's natural sponges are chemical-free and biodegradable. You can simply compost the sponges after use.

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