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linen bag

linen bag

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Practical and pretty linen pouch for soap

The linen/cotton blend envelops fragrant soaps just as nicely as little treasures! With practical drawstring.
The robust little bag is machine washable and versatile. Linen is a practical fabric that is durable and versatile. This means that practically everything can be stored in such a bag. Linen pouches can be elegant packaging for storing small items. You can also make them into a scented sachet - all you have to do is fill the sachet with fresh flowers or herbs.

Use it as a travel set for your vacation! 🏖 Just pack soap instead of shower gel and shampoo! Solid soap and solid shampoo are ideal for holidays: they are space-saving, leak-proof and can also be carried in hand luggage.🧳

100% natural

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