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Hildegard Maitrunk wormwood elixir

Hildegard Maitrunk wormwood elixir

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Maitrunk wormwood elixir organic

  • Hildegard's spring cure based on the original recipe
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Directly from the manufacturer, tried and tested for 45 years
Maitrunk wormwood elixir organic

"Health and cheerful courage, that is man's highest good" - goes a well-known proverb. Hildegard von Bingen already knew that health can be strengthened through a sensible lifestyle and natural foods. The Maitrunk cure with real spring wormwood juice is particularly recommended.

The Maitrunk is a tasty vermouth cure that gives you strength and vitality all year round. Hildegard von Bingen also emphasizes the beneficial effect that the wormwood cure has on the heart and lungs, kidneys, stomach, digestion and detoxification of the body. Wormwood contains bitter substances and essential oils and has been used as a tonic for centuries. This Hildegard spring cure stimulates the metabolism and is therefore the ideal "build-up program" for the stressed and overworked body

Treat yourself to a sip of joie de vivre from nature.

Recommended dosage : 1 liqueur glass (2 x 30 ml dosing cups) on an empty stomach every third day (before breakfast). If it is not possible to take it in the morning, the Maitrunk can be enjoyed before lunch as an alternative.


Wine*, honey*, spring wormwood juice*
* from organic farming

Alcohol content: 9.3% vol.
Contains sulphites

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