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Hand & Shower Soap Calendula

Hand & Shower Soap Calendula

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An ideal companion for problematic skin and a classic in skin care.

The high proportion of healing marigold infusion regulates the skin in a natural way, stimulates circulation, has a healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect

The gentle fresh fragrance also supports the feeling of purity and freshness.

Fine, creamy foam, strongly moisturizing and gentle on the skin.

Especially for dry, sensitive skin.

Scent: clear, fresh scent of aloe with a floral note.

Application: facial, shower and hand soap

For every skin type

especially for problematic skin prone to impurities and for dry, sensitive skin

Weight: about 45g


Olive oil, marigold infusion, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, turmeric marigold flowers, perfume

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