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Patouni's Olive Oil Soap

Patouni's Olive Oil Soap

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Patouni's Green Olive Soap

The vegan and hand-boiled green olive soap is made without any addition of colourings, preservatives or fragrances.

For velvety soft skin, this vegan hand-boiled soap is made from pure, high-acid olive oil and produces a light, creamy and very mild lather. This does not dry out the skin, as the olive oil supports the self-regulating function of the skin.

The healing properties of olive oil soap for hypersensitive skin and allergies are praised. Even with neurodermatitis, olive oil soap has a calming effect on the skin.

Otherwise, the possible applications are numerous. Use the olive oil soap not only for washing your body, but also for washing your hair, footbath, grated in a full bath or lathered up for a wet shave. Can also be used as a household cleaner and liquid detergent.

Weight: about 80g

Ingredients (INCI)
Olea Europaea Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Chloride

No additives / dyes / fragrances

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