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Shaving brush set

Shaving brush set

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Wet shaving is cult!

The wet shave is definitely the supreme discipline among men's body care! Dry shaving may be comfortable and certainly unbeatable in terms of speed. But if you like it thorough and smooth, you can't avoid wet shaving.


- Shaving brush made of olive wood and badger hair

-Olive wood bowl with lid for foaming the shaving soap.

The wooden shaving brush meets the highest demands. The classic, timeless shaving brush fits perfectly in the hand with its ergonomic handle made of olive wood. Hand-turned and made from one piece, the shaving brush offers the best conditions for thorough work. Equipped with badger hair, a gentle application of the foam to the skin is made possible. Irritation and redness are prevented thanks to elastic hair and soft tips. The shaving brush also inspires when foaming in the accompanying olive wood bowl and transforms the shaving soap into a creamy foam. So equipped, nothing stands in the way of a perfect shave.

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